Complex Estate Planning and Trust and Estate Administration

You've built a legacy for your family over your lifetime and our role is to help you preserve that legacy for your spouse, for your children, and for future generations. We will work with you to build an estate plan that achieves your goals. After your death we work with your family, advisors, and trustees to make sure your goals are realized. More »

Family Business Succession and Entity Planning
(Including Transition and Conflict Management)

It has been said that only 34% of first-generation family businesses can expect to survive to the second generation, and just 15% can hope to survive to the third generation. Unfortunately, typical estate planning often ignores the component of family dynamics and therefore facilitates the high failure rates. The findings are that 60% of failures are attributable to how successor family members interact and 25% of the failure are attributable to heirs not being prepared to manage (combined total of 85%) – while only 10% of the failures are attributable to transfer taxation. More »

Asset Protection Planning
(Including Domestic and Offshore Trusts)

Because many view asset protection in a negative light, it might be helpful to start with what ethical asset protection is NOT. Ethical asset protection is not about hiding your assets from known creditors or the government and it is not an avenue to evade taxes. If that is what you are looking for, we will not be able to assist you. More »

Multi-State and International Estate Planning

Do you own assets in multiple states or around the world? Do you have children or other beneficiaries living in other states or countries? Are you a United States citizen or resident living abroad? Are you a non-citizen considering a move to the United States? For our clients facing such multi-jurisdictional issues, the process of creating a comprehensive estate plan includes coordination with the laws of various states and foreign jurisdictions, as well as coordination with those U.S. tax and reporting laws that specifically apply to individuals with international concerns. More »

Selected Tax Litigation, IRS Estate And Gift Tax Controversies

No one likes an audit. Whether it is the audit of a gift tax return (IRS Form 709) or an estate tax return (IRS Form 706), audits are stressful and time consuming. Estate tax audits can feel especially burdensome and overwhelming as they usually involve the estate of a loved one. More »

California Real Property Tax Planning and Appeals

At a 2012 seminar on California property taxation, the presenter stated, "As to reassessments, the change in ownership rules are what they are, and not much you can do about it. Nothing you can really plan around." What?! Nothing is further from the truth! More »