Bringing Families Closer Together While Preserving Assets and Providing For Future Generations

Ambrecht & McDermott, LLP is an estate planning and tax specialty law firm, protecting family wealth and minimizing family conflict by combining estate, business and property tax planning with asset transition and succession strategies for family businesses. We serve both domestic and international clients with unique and complex needs. We also assist other attorneys, CPAs and financial planners as part of a team.

We focus our efforts on creative estate planning for the protection of the family and its assets with an all-inclusive, holistic approach integrating multi-situs trusts, legal requirements and estate, gift and property tax-saving challenges together with the predictable family dynamics faced in all asset and family power shifts.

We focus on the sophisticated needs of clients at risk for higher estate taxes, or who have specialized needs for family business succession planning, property tax planning, or assistance with estate and gift tax appeals and IRS litigation. Every client’s needs are unique and through the firm’s team approach, the firm provides the client with the exact results needed for maximum protection and client’s succession goals.

Practice Specialties

Estates & Trusts

A solid estate plan is one which addresses present needs and goals during one’s life, needs in the event of incapacity, and wishes for the estate after death. You’ve built a legacy for your family over your lifetime and our role is to help you preserve that legacy for your spouse, for your children, and for future generations.

Family Business & Real Estate Succession

Family Business and Real Estate Succession – Studies show only 34% of first-generation family businesses can expect to survive to the second generation, and just 15% can hope to survive to the third generation. The business enterprise(s) and real estate holdings have to transition successfully without present owners’ guidance and leadership.

Asset Protection

Prudent planning always takes into consideration the protection of one’s legacy and assets. At its heart, tax planning is a form of asset protection. A robust planning process goes beyond tax avoidance and includes consideration of the potential for future creditors or the present generation and future generations.

Multi-State and International Planning

People (or entities) buying and selling property inside California by residents living elsewhere, Californians (or California entities) buying and selling property outside California require careful planning to take advantage of favorable laws and to avoid taxable situations where possible.

Tax, Estate, and Gift Controversy

Differences of opinion often arise between the federal state governments and our clients. These differences may be between our client and the internal IRS or state taxing agencies’ staff, appeals from staff decisions, or court appearances. Our firm provides the direction and representation to guide our clients through such troublesome situations.

California Real Property Tax Planning

To avoid significant tax increases, our firm can guide the client in how property changes title, in creating proper holding entities, and in using trusts with accurate framing with the result of lowering the tax burden.


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